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The State I Am In

Do you guys mind if I rock?

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December 12th, 2006

(no subject)

Arizona pics are up. Enjoy the photographic evidence of the existance of my family and a large desert in the American southwest.  Click me!

December 8th, 2006

This place is dusty...

So I think I've updated about, what, twice this semester? Sounds about right. What can I say, I'm simply no longer afforded the ample bouts of 'nothing time' I had before. Not necessarily a bad thing, though it certainly prohibits me from having as many blogging opportunities (blogortunities?).

The semester's winding down, which isn't really an accurate term since it's the most hectic and heart-pounding time of the year. I have only one written final this time; the others include pitching a script to a producer, constructing a visual collage of work, and making a photography book from scratch. When did college turn into arts and crafts?

After next week, a winter break of travelling begins. First, Shawn and I are headed to the suburbs for a Channukah party with the family. After that, we're off to Michigan to spend Christmas with her family. Two days later, we'll be on a plane to Ohio to spend new years with my parents. At no point will any of the people we're seeing see each other, it's odd.

There haven't been many updates on the website just because I've been working with film so much for class. Believe it or not, I'll soon update this again with pictures from my thanksgiving trip to Arizona. Honest!


To hold you all off (all one or two of you), here's a picture of Ari trying to be sexy:

October 11th, 2006


Yes, yes I know. It's been about ooh....a month or so since I last made an entry in this. What can I say, the first six weeks of class have been quite hectic and in the precious little free time I have, I like to either spend it with my lady friend or asleep. I thought about updating a week or two ago but figured I'd wait until my site was redone. Thaaat's right! The Official Site now has a new look and some new pics. There will be more new pics on there coming soon so keep your eyes peeled....as disgusting as that sounds.

The gallery has also been updated with pictures from my cousin Evie's first birthday party and a gallery of Shawn's sister's lil girl Aislan (pronounced Ashlan...it's Irish). I know two small galleries seems like it isn't much for a month of waiting but most of the shooting I've been doing lately has been on film for class. If I get a chance to scan all the ones I like, I'll be sure to post them because printing color film has been a real treat so far this semester. So much so that I'm looking into (in the future of course) getting a medium format film camera. Obviously there's nothing wrong with the monstrously awesome digital one I recently got but if I want to do anything serious with film than it's just better to have one. Plus they're not even that expensive so yknow...a change of pace never hurt.

Chicago's starting to turn cold and I can tell the 'point of no return'is upon us and any temp above 30º will be a miracle. Should be a blast! Nothing like breaking out the big coats and wading through slush every morning to get to class. Guess I should be thankful I don't have a driveway.

September 9th, 2006

Aaaaaall the pics from New York are up on the site. Since I'm such a nice guy and wanted to make it easier for all you simpletons, I put all the galleries at the top of the list. In true Verson fashion, they're organized chronologically and by location. So without further ado, enjoy my vacation! Feel free to comment on the site or on here, and there's a lot of em up there so make sure ya see em all. Enjoy! See if you can spot the dead hobo!

September 4th, 2006

On the Eve of Battle...

I'm back! Spent a few days in New York with Shawn and had a blast and now it's time to 'get ready' for school (whatever that entails). Took tons upon tons of pics in the Big Apple and I was planning on waiting to update this until I had finished wafting through and editing them all, but that'll take forever so I can just promise that they'll be up soon.

Tomorrow it's back to classes and I'll be doing a Dan record by taking six at once. Luckily all the profs are rumored to be 'good' (I don't know if that implies easiness or intelligence...I think I'd rather have the former) so we'll see how it goes. I'm kicking off the week with modern European history and the art of pitching scripts....those aren't the same class. Since I don't ever plan on being a European or a great screenwriter, I can't see it being a very exciting day but such is life, especially mine.

My website's finally started to garner some attention but it all seems to be from people who claim they're related to me. One was a woman in Australia who was probably trying to cope with the recent death of Steve Irwin by reaching out to me (just a guess), and the other was a law professor at Boston University. Since I like the idea of being related to University professors rather than depressed Aussies, I'll just cross my fingers and hope the second is legit.

That's all for now, expect a bazillion new pics soon once I finish sorting through them all. And while you're tapping your foot waiting, check out this dumbass

August 23rd, 2006

This is an excerpt from a press release issued by CBS which I found on comingsoon.net:

"'Survivor: Cook Islands' will feature the series' most ethnically diverse cast to date. The castaways will initially be organized into four tribes divided along ethnic lines (African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic and White) before merging in a later episode."

Now I know life must be hard when you're a reality show producer and you have to come up with new and exciting ways to show people running around a jungle in their underwear, but something in my instincts tells me that 'BATTLE OF THE RACES' just isn't the way to do it. Can anyone else foresee the horrible problems that will ensue with four ethnic "tribes" being seperated and then let loose on one another? Come to think of it, that's probably exactly what they're hoping will happen. They know that the only reason we'll watch is to see if our racially ingrained stereotypes will prove to be true. Will the Asians make bamboo darts to slay the other tribes? Will the African Americans have some kind of natural 'jungle instincts' within them? Will the white people run around trying to sue each other? Will the Hispanics stand there not knowing what the hell they're doing in the middle of a friggin jungle?

Now that I've managed to offend everyone let us take a minute and realize that this is the only reason the show even exists. Why else would people watch an all out ethnic brawl if they weren't rooting for one race to win? Lets also keep in mind that the show is still called 'Survivor' which means only one person can win. What this tells me is that three of the ethnicities could potentially gang up and have an entire race eliminated from the show one person at a time. Why don't they just come out and call it what we all know it is, "SURVIVOR: GENOCIDE!"

August 19th, 2006

My faith in Sammy Jackson


Is there anyone's ass that Samuel L. Jackson can't kick? I'm really starting to believe that he chooses roles based solely on the question of whether or not he'll get to kill someone/something previously unkilled. I can honestly say no part of the theater-going experience gives me more pleasure than seeing Sam Jackson beat the living shit out of everybody in the room. I saw a commercial today for Snakes on a Plane in which, for a split second, I saw Sammy firing a harpoon. A HARPOON! How does anyone get a harpoon on a plane? Don't ask Sam Jackson that, or he might shoot you with a concealed harpoon. Maybe he took it from the set of 'Deep Blue Sea.' He would have been entitled, too. Why would a director let a shark eat Sam Jackson? For that matter, why does he always seem to be the victim of a horribly gruesome death? I seem to recall him being shreaded by raptors in Jurassic Park, shot by a stewardess in Jackie Brown, and thrown out the window by Anakin 'wussy boy' Skywalker in Episode III. What's wrong with these people? Don't they know that he could "strike down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger?" Go see Snakes on a Plane, I'm positive that if you look into his eyes as he strangles/steps on/bites into one of the countless snakes, you'll see a hint of sadness. Let this man have some love. As I'm sure Sir Winston Churchill once said, give that crazy muther****er his harpoon.

August 15th, 2006


Well I've been back in Ohio since saturday and planned on updating this sooner, buuut I soon came down with some kinda virus/flu/disease or something similar to that effect. Between alternately burning up and freezing, feeling like my head weighs a metric ton, and having no appetite, it's been a pretty damn fun time here at home so far.

But that's the bad news, the GOOD news is that it's less than two weeks till Shawn and I go to New York for a few days. We figured it'd be good to get one last hurrah in before summer ends and it's time to start the semester of six classes. Fun!

I went to a doctor today to see about getting something for the fever, and I realized it was the first time I had seen a medical professional about anything since high school. Is it normal to go three or four years without a checkup of any kind? Well anyway, the one thing I had forgotten about most was the waiting. First I had to wait in line to sign in, then I waited in the aptly titled waiting room, then I got to wait for another 25 minutes or so in the examining room. I get the feeling the only reason I was moved from the waiting room to the examining room was so that I wouldn't catch on that they weren't planning on touching me for another half hour. I should have rebelled somehow; maybe pee on everything in the room. When you can't think of a good way of showing disappointment, urine is usually a good method.

So I'm here till next sunday and then I'm back in Chicago for a few days before shipping out once more to the Big Apple. After that it's a couple sleep-filled days and helloooo classes. Anyone have anything I should add to the list of things to see in New York? So far I just have Central Park, Empire State Building, Tavern on the Green, and a naked guy in a cowboy hat in Times Square who sings country songs.

August 4th, 2006

Why I Love Hollywood

From IMDb news:

"Rob Schneider is the first actor to publicly announce he will never work with Mel Gibson due to the anti-Semitic remarks he made when he was arrested last Friday. Schneider took out an ad in Hollywood trade paper Variety slamming the star for his behavior in "An Open Letter to the Hollywood Community." The ad appeared yesterday and said, 'I, Rob Schneider, a 1/2 Jew, pledge from this day forth to never work with Mel Gibson-actor-director-producer-and anti-Semite.'"

Now I'm trying to think...has there ever been or will there ever be an occasion where Rob 'makin copies' Schneider had an opportunity to work with Mel Gibson? Lets recap here; Mel Gibson wins a Best Director and Best Picture oscar in 1995, Rob Schneider makes a series of movies in which he inexplicably turns into other things (teenage girl, wild animal, male whore, etc.). I can't imagine that these two's careers would have intersected any time soon. It's like Michael Clarke Duncan publicly stating that he'd never play Adolf Hitler. Nobody's gonna stand up and applaud, there's just gonna be a resounding 'NO SHIT' from anyone who hears the news. So kudos to "actor" Rob Schneider, the Half Jew Hero of the day. Maybe next Michael Moore will publicly state that he'll never do a movie with anything/everything he finds offensive. Well, a man can dream anyway.

Oh and since we're on the topic, I, Dan Verson, a size 9, pledge from this day forth to never wear shoes that are size 14, have velcro, and are anti-semetic. There, it had to be said.

July 31st, 2006

So I'm sitting here with an exhausted kitten in my lap and two fans blasting at me at once. My shirt has absorbed so much back sweat that I'm fairly sure it will never dry again and my popsicle is rapidly melting and dripping on the sleeping kitten. Summer rocks.

Lollapalooza is this weekend and my waning excitement in it has been restored by the simple fact that it's something to do other than sit around and sweat at home. Now I can sweat outside! In case anyone reading this is going and wants to meet up, these are the bands I'm planning on seeing:

-Iron and Wine
-Violent Femmes

-The Go! Team
-Gnarls Barkley
-The Flaming Lips
-The New Pornographers
-Kanye West...?

-The Hold Steady
-Andrew Bird
-The Shins
-Of Montreal
-Queens of the Stone Age
-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Of course as the days go by the bands get better so that by the end it's almost impossible to stand up anymore and there's no more time to rest. Better be worth it!

New pics are up in portraits, random, and a new gallery for Shawn's little sister Kerry since she wanted some pics of her wearing bizzare makeup...I don't understand kids.
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